Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ready to go

Got the visa yesterday. I guess it was worth the wait. It has 47 colors, 10 different embossments and had 10 languages. It's a Schengen visa, which allows me access to all the "Schengen" countries including greece, italy, spain, germany, the netherlands. Basically all of the EU except the UK. If I didn't have the visa, when I leave Greece for travels I wouldn't be permitted back into the country. Anyway- I have it now, so I leave Sunday at 12pm. It takes 2 hrs to get to Orlando, then I'll get there in time for the recommended 3 hr early arrival time for international flight. I fly out to London and 6pm, then from London to Thessaloniki, Greece and will arrive there Monday afternoon. I'm getting pretty pumped!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel--sounds like you are having an "adventure". Your writing abilities are an A+. I think that it is warmer in the Keys than it is in Greece but I would rather be where you are.