Saturday, February 9, 2008

Slow saturday

Nothing of note today. Since I went to sleep around 6 am this morning I didn't wake up until the day was over (3pm). But I did go to the mall to buy a Greek cell phone. I didn't really want to, but it's pretty much a necessity in order to talk with other people in the program and make emergency calls that don't cost $70. Of course everybody is going out again tonight but I'm not. I have some reading to get done and a thesis to think about. Since everybody usually leaves around 11pm, we won't get in until at least 4- which is OK sometimes, just not every night. And also, I've had something to drink every night here and while I haven't gotten drunk, I just don't want to drink every night. It's not a good habit. I want to be up early so that I can check out that gym tomorrow. Everything is closed on sundays in greece- but I atleast want to find it again. I haven't seen it since the first day.

I did learn some interesting Greek curse words today, and then I saw them in action on the street when a biker almost got SMASHED by a huge bus. I also saw the Greek version of flipping the bird- which uses 5 fingers. Interesting. The cars travel so fast here, and the vehicle (not the pedestrian) has the right of way. Another thing I learned is that you have to be aggressive when flagging down a taxi. They won't actually stop for you. You literally have to jut out in front of them, bang them on the hood and open the door. My friends and I realized this after standing in various spots with our hands up. Then I used my brilliant Greek skills to relay our destination and pay the fare:

Me: Signomei, Katalavenitei Agglika? (excuse me, do you understand english?)

Cabby: Oxi, Katalevenitei Ellinika? (No, do you understand Greek?)

Me: Neh, ligo. Then milow, alla katalaveno. (Yes, a little. I don't speak it but I understand)

Cabby: Endaxi (OK)

Me: Theloume Cosmos Mall ( We want the Cosmos mall)

Him: blah blah blah in greek for 10 minutes

Me: Nod, smile.

We pull up to the mall:

Me: Stamata etho para kalo (Stop here please)

Cabby: Neh (yes)

Me: Poso Kanei (how much?)

Cabby: Pente evro kai ikosi lepta (5 euro and 20 cents)

Me: etho einai theka, ehete pesta (here is 10, do you have change?)

Cabby: Neh, etho (yes, here)

Me: Kala! Afgaristo poli querieh. Yassas. (Great, thanks very much sir. Bye)

I've only been here a week, but it's getting easier.

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